Networking Company Sites using Radio Technology

Networking two or more company sites by wireless technology is economically sensible, if central data sources are to be accessed mutually. For this purpose, symmetrical Internet connections have been used so far, which are not only expensive but also comparably slow.

Wireless networking of several branch offices opens new dimensions in terms of speed and distance. Thanks to the company's own infrastructure, no operating costs are involved and there is no limitation as to the data volume. Even production sites that are situated many kilometres apart can be connected in a cost-effective way using this technology.

The European Union has intervened to regulate the allocation of frequencies, thus providing extremely reliable transmission ranges free of charge especially for this purpose.

Networking a company site by WLAN offers companies new opportunities. For example, it is possible to locate staff and movable objects through WLAN tags. Just think of devices that are used by several departments, or of tracking inventories. At the same time, wireless networking ensures Internet access at every workplace, thus enabling access to central databases or network printers even from remote workplaces.

Our wireless networks meet recognised safety standards.

Case study: EJB Weimar

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