Sensor Technology for Monitoring Premises and Technical Facilities

Our ekuku sensor facility management system offers an effective way to monitor technical equipment and building complexes.

A range of parameters (including temperature, air humidity, air pressure, wind direction and speed, and solar radiation) can be collated, saved and visualised. If pre-defined limit values are exceeded a warning message is sent out, either by SMS, fax or telephone. Our system gives you the security of being able to discover incidents immediately and to react quickly.

Meters (for electricity, water and gas) can be automatically read and the data saved. The time-consuming manual reading of meters is therefore no longer necessary. The data is transmitted wirelessly and can be viewed using a standard PC or via the web interface.

The fact that our sensor technology allows data to be transmitted wirelessly means that it is especially suited to inaccessible areas.

Case study: Memorial Site Buchenwald

Technology: ekuku sensor