Planning and Consulting

Are you planning to network a building, a complex of buildings or an entire area with WLAN and to provide wireless Internet access in this space?

Investigating and planning the WLAN range in advance is a sensible move, especially when it comes to larger projects, and is a way to help make the plans more reliable.

We possess a great wealth of experience and can provide software tools which can be used to simulate an "illumination of the radio waves" in the buildings/area - including constructions, building materials and interior equipment - which are to be networked. Thus, prior to work on the project actually commencing, we can tell you the exact number of access points required and the ideal positions for these.

If you have any questions about the following topics then please don't hesitate to contact us for neutral, impartial advice

  • The conception and construction of networks
  • Load sharing within networks
  • Purchasing components

Case study: Hospital Würzburg