EJB Weimar

Constructing a Radio Relay Connection Between Two Distant Buildings

The European Youth Education and Meeting Centre in Weimar (EJBW) had been looking for an efficient way to network two of their administration buildings, which have to access the same database, for several years. The inconvenient location of the buildings, which lie 400 m apart in a park and do not have a direct line of sight, was particularly problematic.

The point-to-point radio technology Ekuku Longshot was brought in; it was used to create a very high-speed and secure connection. Data transfer rates of 20 megabit/s can be achieved for both downloads and uploads. Thanks to their small sizes, the devices could be attached to the building in an inconspicuous manner.


The radio relay link replaces two symmetrical Internet connections, which had previously been leading to extremely high monthly Internet costs and, with just 2 megabit/s, were relatively slow.

Case study: EJB Weimar (PDF)

Solution: Networking Companies

Technology: ekuku longshot