Comprehensive Wireless Internet Access Throughout the Entire City

The weimarnetz has grown into the third-largest city network in the world, behind Berlin and Leipzig. Wireless Internet access is available in almost every part of Weimar, including in its parks, and this network is available to inhabitants of Weimar and to guests to the town.

The city network functions using mesh technology. Over 200 system access points have been installed across the city and are connected using a wireless mesh network. A fast Internet connection is attached to certain of these access points and this is then fed into the entire network.

The beginnings of the weimarnetz date back to 1999. Three buildings were networked wirelessly and an Internet connection was distributed between 10 apartments. The main drives behind this were technical affinity and a desire to experiment.

The weimarnetz is not a commercial network; instead it has been founded by the voluntary work of the members of the weimarnetz e.V.


weimarnetz e.V. is supported by bittorf wireless. Bastian Bittorf is an active member of the group since 2001 and plays a decisive role in establishing the network. To date he has advised on conceptual issues and has supplied extensive software for the mesh network.

Solution: Networking Cities

Technology: ekuku multispot