Connection to High-Speed Internet

Not long ago Sundhausen and Urleben, both located in Thuringia, were just a small white dot on the broadband map.

In order to provide the towns with high-speed Internet access, a fast Internet connection was hired from a neighbouring town supplied with broadband. Wireless technology, based on the WLAN standard 802.11a, was then used to transmit the signal to Sundhausen and Urleben. In the towns themselves, the signal is distributed to the individual households wirelessly, using a mesh network.

Thanks to the mesh technology used and the construction of additional radio relay links to increase the redundancy, it was possible to created an extremely fail-safe and fast Internet connection, which provides blanket coverage to the inhabitants in the two towns.

» If you had told me a year ago that I would be sitting in my garden, surfing the Internet I would have laughed at you. «

Dr. Volker Hühn, resident of Sundhausen

Case study: Sundhausen (PDF)

Solution: Broadband Connection Rural Areas

Technology: ekuku longshot

Technology: ekuku multispot

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