ekuku longshot

Point-to-Point Radio System

Our ekuku longshot directional radio technology has been developed for professional use in point-to-point radio relays. By using high-quality components and sophisticated software a radio relay antennae has been developed, which can bridge large distances (up to 100 km) and can offer net transfer rates of up to 80 megabit/s.

The combination of technology and radio relay antennae in a small-sized casing is most innovative. Ekuku longshot is suitable for use outdoors and offers high levels of mechanical durability. The components are certified and permitted across the world. In particular, the stringent requirements of the European norm ETSI 301 893 are fulfilled.

For purposes of quality control, once the components have been assembled in our factory, each Ekuku Longshot router is subjected to a 24-hour endurance test over a 15-kilometre-long test distance.

Datasheet: ekuku longshot (PDF)