ekuku multispot


Our ekuku multispot product allows you to take advantage of the many benefits that mesh technology offers. Our open-source software, which is based on OpenWRT and functions independently of hardware, has been designed to provide a reliable service even under difficult conditions.

We use the dynamic mesh routing protocol OLSR as implemented by olsr.org, which has been crowned with many prizes as well as global recognition from within the professional world. Our consistent use of routing service skills allows us to achieve device characteristics comparable to those achieved by multi-radio devices. From a wireless point of view, this is a clear performance improvement in comparison with common technologies.

Client activities are decoupled from the backbone-organised mesh cloud in order to achieve the optimum performance. The ability of the network to transport data packets to their target in a dynamic way, whilst taking into account the latest wireless conditions and changing channels (to avoid interference), is particularly innovative.

Data streams are prioritised or filtered locally at the application level (Layer 7). A sophisticated user administration system with integrated data retention and an audit-compliant monitoring system complete the package.

Datasheet: ekuku multispot (PDF)