Open Source

We Use Open-Source Software to Provide a Solution for You

We work with Linux, an open-source software with the so-called GNU General Public Licence, to provide the basis for our solutions.

"Most licences for software and other useful tools are designed to take away your freedom of sharing the tools with others and modifying them. In contrast to this, the GPL licence should guarantee you the freedom to share and modify all versions of a program. It should ensure that the software remains free for all users." [Extract from the foreword to the GPL licence text]

What is Open-Source Software?

The software is provided in a form which can be read and understood by all users; everyone can understand, use, adapt and distribute open-source software.
Over the past few years, a paradigm shift has taken place in software development and in the way software is used. Instead of closed programs with the explicit ban on adapting or even viewing the source text, the desire for transparency and serviceability has now come to the fore and is becoming more and more important.
OpenOffice, Firefox, OpenSSL, Android and Linux are just a few popular examples of this - and in the meantime a change of heart has taken place in the heads of IT departments; open-source software is now being used more and more.

Why Open Source?

The use of approved open-source software allows savings to be made on own developments and also sees standards being set concerning security issues.
Meanwhile, the fact that there is a community of developers means that independence and a high standard of quality are achieved.